Jul. 26th, 2016

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With Catherine home from university and with her interest in the Superhero genre, I got tickets to see Batman - The Killing Joke at its one and only cinema showing in our area (yes that's one showing in one cinema of one chain only). Last night we went to see it.

We arrived early to find the lobby crowded with fans (Catherine at 19 was one of the youngest there) and a small table selling T-shirts and graphic novels courtesy of Foreboding Prices. We were then told that our seats had been changed as they had had to move the film into the largest screen to accommodate the demand for tickets. In the end we had excellent seats.

Now I'm chiefly a Marvel fan and must admit to never having read the original graphic novel but I was curious to see how the animation team would handle a mature story. It was excellent. Having the original cast from the Animated series gave a sense of continuousness that is so easily lost when yet another reboot of a franchise comes along. After all these are the voices that a generation (or more) have come to associate with the characters. Hamill excelled in capturing the Joker's self proclaimed insanity, Conroy played a suitably dark Batman and Tara Strong was perfect as Barbara (although the idea of Twilight Sparkle voicing Batgirl is a little boggling). The animation is a crisp merging of the style of the TV series with Bolland's original artwork for the graphic novel.

Well worth the trip out.


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