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Dawn spent the time in Winchester. We tried to keep in touch by phone but unlike Southampton General (where they have cordless phones that can be taken to the patient's bed) the wards in Winchester only have a phone on the desk so we had to send messages via the nursing staff. The information we received went from "She's very tired and I think she's asleep now" through "She had a rough night as we had to keep waking her up to do tests" to "She's sat up and reading a book" which was the time we started to get messages back and proved that she was on the mend. Then last night they called her to the desk and she was able to talk to (John and) me herself.

Her blood sugars were stabilised and she should have been able to come home today. We also learned that they had not been giving us all of the information about her stay, how she had had to have a lumber puncture to cope with the pain for example.

We decided not to go home from the London but to go directly to the hospital to see her. She looked and sounded much better than when we last saw her, particularly as almost all of the swelling had gone down and her eyebrow is staring to grow back. Everyone got hugs and Phoebe gave her the Beeblebear that we had brought her from the con. They need to keep her insulin monitored for another day so she cannot come home until tomorrow. Then we shall give her the book with all the messages from her friends that we collected at the convention.
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Saw Dawn after lunch today. She was still very tired but her blood sugars are coming down and she was a lot less confused. She wouldn't be fit enough to come out until after the weekend at the earliest. She said that the rest of us should go to Worldcon as it was already paid for. So we stopped to pick up a few things from Tesco's and went home to get the bags.

Fortunately I spoke with one of my coworkers who suggested that I check with the hotel (I had been too het up to think of this yesterday when we should have come up to London). As she feared,the hotel had cancelled our rooms because we hadn't checked in,but they still had rooms and reinstated our booking.

So here we are. We arrived too late to register but will be able to do that first thing tomorrow. I phoned the hospital once we had brought in our bags. Dawn has been moved to a normal ward rather than the Medical Assessment UnitUnit (at least she didn't have to go to Intensive Care this time).

I can't repost this on Dawn's LJ from here, so I hope people will have seen my comment there and know to look here for updates.
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When I phoned Southampton Hospital they suggested that I get Dawn to the local (Winchester) A&E for a check-up.

I took Dawn in as suggested. It turns out that although she had only eaten a couple of mouthfuls of cornflakes since coming home on Monday, her blood sugars were dangerously high. This was what was causing the confusion (but not necessarily the nausea). They have kept her in overnight, giving her fluids, insulin and potassium (which was low). They moved her to a ward from resus at about 11:00 once she was stable.

This morning they have said that she is more awake than she was yesterday, and was waiting for the doctors rounds. Will go up to see if they have any idea when she can come out and if she will be able to go up to Loncon.
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Dawn came home on Monday evening. She seemed in good spirits but very tired. During the night she began to be sick. In hospital they had been giving her injections to keep the sickness under control. Not having this meant that she was not keeping any foor or painkillers down. The doctor has given her an oral anti emetic, but this can only be taken three times a day and is only effective for about two hours.

Plus she is having periods of mild delerium. She will call for Catherine or me to get the other one to pass her the glass of water from the dressing table. Or she'll ask for something that she is already holding. Yesterday she damanded that I get her some green (but was happy enough with a glass of milk).

I'm going to phone the hospital for advice. We are supposed to be on our way to Worldcon but at the moment I don't know when (or if) we'll get there.
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We saw Dawn Wednesday afternoon. She looked like she'd gone ten rounds with Mike Tyson - her eyes ere so puffy and bruised she could barely open them, and her head was bandaged to protect the wound and keep her skull from falling apart. She was very tired and in a lot of pain and finding it difficult to find a comfortable position to rest because of the dressings. She has had a marble sized 'lump of chalk' (the tumour) removed from between her optic nerves. They went in through her eyebrow and had to remove a piece of the skull to get to it. Her blood sugars were still very high and she was being sick a lot.

Yesterday, she was feeling a bit better but still very tired. They were giving her a drug to control the sickness so that the painkillers would have a chance to work and had removed the bandages. Her left eye was still purple and swollen but her right one was close to normal.

I phoned the ward today and they passed the phone across to her. She was much better, she's not sure what they've done (and doesn't think they know either) but they seem to have got it right. Baring any setbacks she will be coming home on Monday.
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Spoke to Dawn on the phone this morning. She has a lot of pain and is very tired. Will post again after we've seen her.

Dawn's Op

Aug. 7th, 2014 03:22 am
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Dawn was scheduled to go to the surgical unit at 8:30. I waited until after lunch would have been cleared on the ward before phoning. They had had an emergency admission and she hadn't been seen yet, but she would be operated on this afternoon. She was very drowsy (presumably from pre-op) and it was not advisable for us to come in to see her.

I phoned again about 4:00. Still not gone to surgery but they were certain that she would be done today.

Just before 5:00 I had a phone call to say that she was about to go into surgery, and that I should call the ward about 8:00 for news.

At 8:00 she was still in surgery or recovery, the ward had no news - phone later.

9:15, same story - phone later.

At 10:15 she was back on the ward and stable.

I'm afraid I crashed once I had told the kids and sent them bedwards. Now I'm wide awake. Must see if I an get back to sleep soon.

I'll phone again in the morning for any news. We can't visit until after 3:00 so I'll probably post again once we get home.
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I'm indebted to[livejournal.com profile] blueartemis07 for reminding me that I had left details from my reports.

The original infection had been cleared up, which was why they were going send her home last week. They were lucky to be able to fit her in for a scan when they did, otherwise she would have had to go in as an outpatient which would have delayed any diagnosis of the tumour.

Meanwhile her blood-sugars have been going crazy. It seems that the less so ate the higher they got. They've now changed her insulin but I don't know if it's under control yet.
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They ran out of time for 'emergency' surgeries today so Dawn wasn't done. She's first on the list for tomorrow, due to go to the anaesthetist at 8:30 in the morning. Once under she faces two and a half hours in surgery followed by recovery. She has been promised lots of facial bruising.

Hopefully we will get some news about lunchtime.
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But it is brain surgery.

Dawn has allowed me to say a bit more about her condition. The scan at Winchester revealed a tumour pressing on her optic nerve. It's about the size of a marble and effects both eyes. They took her into Southampton because the best surgeons are there.

She phoned at 5:30 this morning to say that they were going to operate today!

We saw her in the hospital before lunch, she is due to go to surgery at 4:00ish.

Dawn latest

Aug. 4th, 2014 09:33 pm
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Dawn seemed quite happy when I saw her this afternoon. However, this evening she called to say that they were moving her to Southampton Hospital tonight. They have more specialised scanners there and hope to get another scan in the morning before the consultants from all the local hospitals have their weekly meeting. They will then decide if they want to keep her in (and operate) or bring her back in later.

Hopefully she will still be able to go to Loncon.
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Looks like we wont hear any more on the scan results until Tuesday.  Meanwhile Dawn had arranged with one of the doctors to come home for a few hours, so I picked her up just before lunchtime.

Despite much hugging from the kids she managed to put together some fresh clothes and a few other bits to take back in, then we went into Fareham so she could do a little shopping.  We then grabbed a burger and took her back to the hospital for the five o'clock drugs round.

Where, we discovered, neither she nor the doctors had told the nursing team that she would be going out for the afternoon and that they had informed the police that she was missing!

Brought the kids home.  Catherine (who is suffering from hayfever quite badly at the moment) went into a panic imagining that policemen had been at home going through her stuff.  A few hours playing  a Pokemon game on the wii seemed to calm her down though.

Now I have to go to Waterlooville to pick up a new spare wheel that I won on ebay.  Probably take the kids in to see Dawn this afternoon, even though she has said bot to.  I'm still getting the backlash of doing what she said when she was in Salisbury.
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We were hoping that Dawn would be coming home yesterday.  She would have to have a scan, but they doubted that they could fit that in as A&E have priority and she would probably come back as an outpatient.

I phoned mid afternoon to find that she was having the scan then, but that we could probably pick her up about six.  Please phone back after five.

I phoned back and they got Dawn.  The scan has picked up something but she doesn't want it discussed until she has been able to speak to the doctors on Monday.  We won't know until then when she can come home.


Jul. 30th, 2014 07:52 am
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Dawn was much better and eating when we went in.  Still no sign of when she an come home.

She went to the opthalmist clinic, confirmed she is virtually blind in her left eye (no retinopathy, the optic nerve just seems to have switched off) and that her vision is poor in the other one (something one of her previous doctors couldn't understand).  The latter is believed to be related to her current illness and is hoped will improve once she is well although she will probably need glasses.  They want to see her again in a month to check on it.

Today is, complicated, but we hope to get to see her this afternoon.
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Saw Dawn last night.  She was more awake but obviously still in pain ( a simple measure of how well she's feeling is how much she complains about the other patients). She has no appetite and is still being sick at the most awkward times (such as having just taken her painkillers).  They think that she has an E.coli infection secondary to the original infection so are continuing with the antibiotics, which are probably what are making her sick.  It looks like we may not get her home before the weekend.

While she has been in there her eyesight has been getting blurry (she refused to go to the opticians in the past) so they are taking her to the hospital eye unit today for an examination.  She also has the fun of a ward MRSA inspection this morning.

She thanks everyone for their kind thoughts.  I offered her my tablet, having finally worked out how to access the hospital's wi-fi, but she doesn't think that she can see well enough to use it.

I'm hoping that later in the week I can kidnap her in a wheelchair for a walk around the garden center opposite and maybe tempt her with something from their coffee shop.
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Called in this evening after taking kids to movies (Catherine wasn't feeling too good herself and said she could wait for it to come out on DVD).

She had not had a very good day and could barely keep awake while we were there.  This came as a shock after how much she had perked up over the last two days.  The Ward Sister said that there is little chance of them letting her home while she is in so much pain, particularly when they haven't actually worked out what is causing the pain yet.

Hoping for better news tomorrow.
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Dawn keeps showing sings of improving although it will not be until after the doctors' round on Monday that we will have any idea about when she can come home. She's almost back to her normal snarky self!

She is, however, getting pains now in her side at a position worryingly close to the appendix. Hopefully this is just a side effect of the amount of laxatives that they are pumping into her rather than anything more serious. (She was getting very worried about the amount of oedema she was showing, but with the quantity of fluids they were giving her this was not all that unexpected.)

On the home front I have picked up a new bed from Freecycle. Not sure if she'll want the lower bed base, but the almost new mattress (plus memory foam topper) should make her more comfortable when she comes home.

Going to grab some lunch then take the kids to see HTTYD2 before seeing her this evening.

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Dropped some bits off to Dawn on the way into Tescos for eye-tests.  New roadworks, almost double the time to get into the hospital, so couldn't stop but promised to come back later.

After eye-tests (Catherine needs new glasses, Phoebe may need some next year, John is OK) went back to the hospital.  Journey that normally takes 10 - 15 minutes took almost a hour.  In the time that we were away they had moved her to Wyckham Ward and taken out all her drips.  She is still very tired but on the mend.  Not expecting her back until after the weekend though.

I have to work tonight so Catherine is going to look after her siblings.  Have the rest of the weekend already booked off so that should be easier.
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Saw Dawn yesterday afternoon with the younger kids.  Catherine had been up half the night comforting her sister and needed some time alone to rest.

She was very tired but a lot more comfortable and understanding than she had been the night before.  We took her a fan as the ward only has a few and they get stolen taken for another bed as soon as the person using it goes to sleep,

Taking the kids in for eye tests this afternoon.  We'll drop in on Dawn on the way to see if she needs anything, then go back in on the way home.
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They have concluded that Dawn is suffering from a kidney infection with complications, and are treating her with antibiotics, painkillers fluids etc.

Yesterday the physios got her out of bed and moving around for a little while, but when we went to see her in the afternoon she was looking very tired. They were getting ready to move her to another ward, the EMAU, and had just taken a tube out of her neck. We left her some fruit and the shampoo she had asked for and said that we would be back to see her (today) in the new ward.

About 10 PM I had a phone call from the ward. She was very unhappy and wanted to talk to me, but they did not have a phone that could be taken to the bedside. I made sure that the kids were settled and that Catherine was OK looking after them, then went in.

She was getting very agitated - the new ward was too hot (they had given her a fan which were in very short supply), too noisy (because her monitors were closer to her bed than in the other ward, and somebody had stuck a fan next to her), the bed was not comfortable, the water was disgusting, everyone was ignoring her, I'd taken her the wrong kind of apples... Basically she wanted to come home. She seemed to realise that this was not in her best interest but carried on winding herself up. The doctor on the ward said that if she had to she could discharge herself, but that then she would call security to keep her in as she was too sick to go home.

The ward Sister ordered her a replacement mattress (an inflatable one that you can alter the level of support on) and I took her out in a wheelchair while he set it up. We sat for a while in one of the small gardens then came back through the corridor that the local art clubs use for exhibitions and looked at the paintings and photographs.

She was a lot calmer when we got back and after drinking a glass of milk, settled down on her new mattress to try to get some rest. I called in on work on my way back to update them and got home just before 2:00.

I called the ward this morning and they said she was sleeping peacefully, waiting for the morning rounds. We shall go in and see her this afternoon once John gets back from his friend's birthday party.

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