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Saw Dawn after lunch today. She was still very tired but her blood sugars are coming down and she was a lot less confused. She wouldn't be fit enough to come out until after the weekend at the earliest. She said that the rest of us should go to Worldcon as it was already paid for. So we stopped to pick up a few things from Tesco's and went home to get the bags.

Fortunately I spoke with one of my coworkers who suggested that I check with the hotel (I had been too het up to think of this yesterday when we should have come up to London). As she feared,the hotel had cancelled our rooms because we hadn't checked in,but they still had rooms and reinstated our booking.

So here we are. We arrived too late to register but will be able to do that first thing tomorrow. I phoned the hospital once we had brought in our bags. Dawn has been moved to a normal ward rather than the Medical Assessment UnitUnit (at least she didn't have to go to Intensive Care this time).

I can't repost this on Dawn's LJ from here, so I hope people will have seen my comment there and know to look here for updates.


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